Saffron wooden Candy 1Kg

Shirbad saffron plant is produced with a combination of purified water, refined white sugar, and pure saffron.
The use of modern industrial and advanced processes has caused the saffron plant product to have many differences in terms of quality from similar products. The production of saffron candies is done with indirect heat and with purified water and multiple filtering, and during production, the quality control team monitors the production process by sampling, and the final result of this regular process is the production of crystal clear candies. The moisture of the Shirbad saffron plant after production is lost in the drying machine, which makes the plant last longer. Another advantage of the absence of moisture in the Shirbad saffron plant is that the plant sticks to the wood of the product, which makes it possible to adjust the size of the plant to be dissolved as desired. Shirbad saffron plant has the national standard mark of Iran as well as the health license of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, which is produced under the full and continuous supervision of the equipped and modern quality control laboratory of Saharkhiz Group of Companies.