Pomegranate Barberry

Pomegranate seed barberry is obtained at the beginning of the harvest season and is harvested with or without branches. The most common method of arranging it is in the form of a blow, where a cloth is spread under the tree, and by hitting its branches, they collect the product. The method of drying it is to spread it on the ground in front of the sun on a flat surface so that it is dried by heat by evaporating its moisture.
Among the other properties of barberry, we can mention the effect on improving sore throat, and nasal congestion, treating sinusitis, and improving bronchitis and some other common ailments of the respiratory system. If this fruit is used optimally, its properties can be used to treat infections caused by a skin fungus. Shirbad barberry is prepared from the best and highest quality barberry bushes and is packaged and supplied through a mechanized and hygienic process. The quality of Shirbad barberry is uniform and excellent throughout the year.