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Black Barberry
Black barberry or mountain barberry with the scientific name Berberis integerrima Bunge is known as Asian barberry. Black barberry usually grows in East Asia and South America and blooms in spring. Mountain barberry, as its name suggests, can be found mostly in mountainous and humid areas and is a car plant.
Puffy Barberry
Puffed barberry is one of the types of barberry, which differs from ordinary barberry in the way it is processed, and it is not a special breed of barberry. Puffed barberry has a very long process and it is sold in the market 2 to 6 months after the first barberry harvest, but even though it takes time, it has a better taste and color, and for this reason, this type of barberry is considered an export barberry. to be
Pomegranate Barberry
Pomegranate seed barberry is obtained at the beginning of the harvest season and is harvested with or without branches. The most common method of arranging it is in the form of a blow, where a cloth is spread under the tree, and by hitting its branches, they collect the product. The method of drying it is to spread it on the ground in front of the sun on a flat surface so that it is dried by heat by evaporating its moisture.