Sultana Fine grain Raisins

Raisins are one of the dried fruits that can be found in almost all seasons, and because of their valuable properties in relieving fatigue and giving energy, they are considered among popular snacks.
One of the most popular examples of raisins in Iran is the sunny raisin, which does not use chemicals during its preparation, and the grape seeds are obtained with the help of sunlight. This issue has caused the demand for buying sunny raisins to be much higher than other samples. The price of sunny raisins varies according to their quality. Many factors play a role in increasing or decreasing the price of sunny raisins, the most important of which are size, taste, color, spoilage rate, etc. The color of sunny raisin is brown and its seedless type has a better buying and selling market, and for this reason, the price of seedless sunny raisin is higher than its seeded type.