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Safferon Suger Candy

Sugar Candy with the flavor of Safferon is a delicious and popular product made from a mixture of sugar and water. This product is known as a sweet souvenir of the Khorasan region, and most of us have experienced it together with a cup of tea.
Sugar Candy is the result of mixing sugar and water so that the thickened sugar syrup is boiled until it reaches a degree of consistency and almost becomes a paste. Then this dough is spread several times, pulled from both sides, and mixed until the color is red and completely white. To diversify and improve the taste and aroma, rose water and cardamom are usually added to the syrup during preparation, or when mixing some other aromatic natural ingredients such as coconut, cinnamon, pistachio powder, cocoa, mint, vanilla, or sesame. Then the prepared dough is spread and cut or molded into cubes using scissors or a machine, and the Suger Candy grains are dried to a certain amount and finally packed. Suger Candy is mainly a souvenir of the Khorasan region.